BeAsPacificAsPossible::26 segment. Oscillators driven by buoy data collected in real time on 11/12/16 between the hours of 12:03:13 am and 1:00:13 am. A sonic representation of the conditions across the Pacific Ocean at that time. 
Recorded by the ebb:flow music collective in Columbia, SC late 2015 at the USC School of Music. Performers include: John Kammerer, Philip Snyder, Dorian Neuendorf, and Devin Sherman


Adam Scott Neal's Tearmunn, for horn and vibrophone performed by ebb:flow music collective member Jim Lindroth and artistic director John Kammerer at Tapp's Arts Center in Columbia , SC

2013 composition for chance text, voice, laptop and 8/4/2 channel audio.

Armenia, by Sam Pilafian, from his Relentless Grooves series. Performed by John Kammerer. 2013